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Maluku is part of the Republic of Indonesia, and the province with the oldest history trail (in line with the story of imperial history pharaoh in Egypt). Maluku is also known as the State of the King, with a long historical record upheaval in an attempt to defend it from imperialist nations in the world. Maluku or also known as Mollucas by the international community, located in the eastern part of Indonesia, as well as the province with the highest island.
Maluku in the history of the world has been known as a country that is rich in potential, so that even small but saved a million charm from various aspects.
For those who have read the history of the Moluccas, or have been to the Moluccas, it will know clearly, why Maluku has become a valuable asset for Indonesia and for many nations in the world, even today.
3 things that are the hallmark of Maluku as a tourist destination is Nature, History and Culture. You can read a glimpse of the Moluccas in wikipedia, the link here.

Location of Maluku:

It is important to know the location of the Moluccas as your travel destination, in order to provide clear information to your relatives or parties related to your trip, as well as consideration for your other decision.
How far away from my current location?
Find out with the help of Google Map, below:
The destination:
Ambon island, Maluku. Indonesia

Route to Maluku:

Via Sea or Air

Through the Sea:
By ship through various directions, as long as there is sailing permit issued by the Department of Sea and Immigration of the Republic of Indonesia, or through regular transportation provided by the Government, namely PELNI. Official website is The trip from Jakarta to the Moluccas will take 4-5 days (with daily stops in several major port). This trip was very enjoyable if you have a long vacation.

Through Air:
Currently flights to Maluku, if you come from abroad, it is only through Jakarta and Bali, but if you come from within the country, you can have a lot of choices, but sometimes difficult to find a direct flight to the Moluccas because the majority is a transit flight (to Makassar and Surabaya in advance, and usually at no extra cost). Flights to Maluku will stop at Pattimura International Airport (AMQ) located in the State Laha, Ambon Island.
Below is a list of airlines that have regular flight path to the Moluccas.
1. Garuda Indonesia
2. Lion Air Group:
    a. Batik Air
    b. Lion Air

Foreign tourist:

As a foreign citizen, There are a few important things you need to know and prepared before your departure, so it does not hamper your holiday trip to the Moluccas and vice versa.

  • Make sure you bring your Passport and Visa excursions are still valid.
    • Required when checkin and immigration checkpoint at the airport
  • Book and buy tickets from afar day or as early as possible to get a cheaper price, can be directly through the airline that has regular flight path from your location to Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta International Airport - CGK), or to Bali (Ngurah Rai International Airport - DPS).
    To purchase tickets for local flights from Jakarta to the Moluccas or from Bali to the Moluccas, you can directly purchase using your credit card via the official website of the airline that is on our list above (Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air Group).
    Make sure the purchase of tickets from where you are to Jakarta or Bali, there is a time difference of at least 4 hours with departure time from Jakarta or Bali to Maluku, it is to give the lag time is not too hasty when the transfer from one airline to another airline. Another case if you plan to stop in Jakarta or Bali a few days before flying towards the Moluccas.
    If you are experiencing difficulties in buying tickets from Jakarta or Bali to the Moluccas, then you can submit it to us (iLMi Tour) to coordinate with our partners in the airline at the top (currently only Lion Air Group).
    • Ticket price is the official price of the airline.
    • The cost of tickets is a separate charge from the cost of the package tour.
    • Provisions relating to your flight, such as the maximum baggage weight limit per person and additional charged for each kilogram, we will inform tickets are purchased on our coordination.
    • We will ensure that tickets purchased through us is legitimate and registered in your name (our guests), this will facilitate your trip because all organized in one door.
  • Be sure to prepare your own personal use, which may not be available at the location of tourist destinations, such as:
    • Personalized medicine (special).
    • Skin protection from the sun / sun block (special).
    • Cold protective jacket. etc.
  • Make sure you bring a photo or video camera, to document your journey, and for who want to document the beauty of marine life park and the Moluccas, then bring an underwater camera is the solution, here there are two types of underwater cameras that we recommend.
  • If you have specific limits on certain food, just as if you are a Vegetarian, then it is better informed to us, so that we can specifically presented separately for the type of food you want.
  • Be sure not to carry weapons / sharp tool (knife, scissors, hook, iron archer, or aisoftgun) in the cabin of the aircraft to avoid foreclosure by the airline. If necessary, Granted in aircraft baggage.
  • Avoid bringing drugs into the category of drugs, if you have special drugs from your personal physician, make sure the check in advance.
  • Avoid brokers that offers vehicle pick-up to the starting location Tour (ILMI House).
    • We coordinate all of our guests to pick a team of iLMi Tour itself.
    • Photo and identification of the pickup will be sent to you the day before departure, to ease and prevent others from our behalf.
  • Prepare your reserve fund if you need it for other purposes such as buying souvenir and so on.
    • ATM is available at the International Airport Pattimura, Ambon.
    • ATMs with VISA and MASTERCARD.
  • Ask all the things that you think necessary before your departure to the Moluccas with us. With pleasure we are ready to answer.
    Email us to :
    Subject: Plan Trip (Your Citizenship - Flight from)
    example Subject: Plan Trip (Italy - Darwin)

Help me (I'm foreign):

We provide solutions 1 door for your trip to Indonesia, the service name "Indonesia with iLMi", you will be greeted like a friend who came from far away. This service is only applicable to 2 cities, namely Jakarta (Java island), and Bali. This service is carried out in support of tourism activities at both the city above, where both the city is the starting point of your arrival in Indonesia, even though your goal is to Maluku, it will still pass through the two cities, therefore, we also provide this service so that your arrival to Indonesia more memorable. The service includes:

  • Pick up and drive you to the Hotel / Lodge.
  • Hotels / Lodging be booked by us, particularly those close to your destination.
  • Setting up transportation, tour and guide to favorite tourist locations.
  • Coordinate plane ticket purchases, from Jakarta / Bali to Maluku, and vice versa.
  • You will get pictures and official identity of our iLMi Team who will guide & serving you (according to the National Identity Card of Republik Indonesia). This is to facilitate and avoid those who are not interested that our behalf.
  • We coordinate with our iLMi Team who serve you every day, to ensure your trip is safe and comfortable.
  • iLMi Team associates are professionals who mostly have had many years of experience in service, particularly as a tour guide.
  • This service does not include the cost of admission tourist destination, the cost of oil transportation and meal costs, due to the desire of every individual must be different, but all the choices of food and tourist sites that allow distance and travel time from the place you will always stay informed and discuss with you.
  • Ask all the things that you think necessary before your departure to the Moluccas with us. With pleasure we are ready to answer.
    Email us to :
    Subject: Indonesia with iLMi

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