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About us is a travel website that aims to promote travel to the Moluccas/Maluku. We are a Professional Tour Guide in Maluku, which is ready to serve you explore the Moluccas and making it an unforgettable experience in your life history. To give a clarity of our services, so we have prepared a tour package that can be selected according to your wishes. Run and managed by the people of Maluku, directly from Laha (Pattimura International Airport), Ambon island, which is the only entrance to the Moluccas through the air. Everything has been prepared to ensure your holiday to Maluku safe, comfortable and memorable.


iLMi is the short name of "I Love Moluccas Indonesia", which also means Science / Knowledge. With it we run this tour business with the concept of Science and Knowledge.

Knowledge about how to create the Human Resources and Natural less valuable into something more valuable (Brand value), and how to assist and serve others with no loss of identity as a child of the Moluccas (Brand Identity), and continue to promote Honesty, Hard Work, responsibility and professionalism.

Science above, combined with the knowledge we have about our area, our people, our history and culture, which can be distributed to any person anywhere in the world, especially those who came and visited the Moluccas. By optimizing the science and knowledge, for the purpose of empowering and optimize potential in the Moluccas, both Human Resources, Natural and Cultural, and soon we hope to create a positive value that can be enjoyed by future generations of Maluku.

To achieve the above objectives, the program Ilmi Tour is one of the means used in the measure in that vision. The main program Ilmi Tour is ecowisata category (eco-tourism), or sustainable tourism, where the activity does not diminish the value of Nature as well as the local culture, but with this program, then these values can be maintained and preserved well.

With the interaction between tourists and local communities, one of which can be through sharing Knowledge, and soon will be the creation of a blend of knowledge between East and West that can enhance the positive values among our people of Maluku and also our guests. In carrying out the tour program, we always put a high standard as a professional tour guide, accompanied with full responsibility, and to prioritize safety and comfort for our guests.


Ilmi Tour is founded by Haical Ab at the end of 2014, and now operated and led by him. After 20 years of studying and working outside the Moluccas, he decided to go back, to bring all the knowledge and experience gained, to be combined with a wide and strong network throughout the Moluccas. Optimizing tourism potential in the Moluccas, and empower human resources, especially young people, mostly family, best friends and friends, to get together in a solid and professional team.

Haical Ab
Haical have found and tried to develop the tourism potential in the Moluccas, which had been hidden and not well maintained, even by our own Moluccas. By trying to position himself as a man who lived in the metropolis, and experience all the ease and the complexity, then he realized that Maluku is a hidden paradise, and can treat all existing saturation in urban life today, it has become one of the goals for divide this knowledge with anyone in any world.

Haical who lived in Jakarta and Bali, see the uniqueness of Maluku as key to the future success of the favorite tourist destinations, where Jakarta and Bali can not give it to the maximum, which are natural of nature and local wisdom. It has been proved and recognized by the tourists who've been to Maluku, especially our guests (from America and Germany) who has been traveling, settled or college in Bali.
Here's one video testimonial:


iLMi Tour centered in Laha, which is the entrance to the Moluccas, where Pattimura International Airport is located. Only 5 minutes (1 km) from the airport, where iLMi House is as "Starting point" before the tour is run.

The majority of the most visited tourist spot is the place where we were born and spent our childhood, which has to be excellent for local and foreign tourists who've been to Maluku.
Location via Google map: Laha, Ambon, Maluku. Indonesia


We give priority to transparency by providing a clear picture of tour services we provide before you come and use our services. All as described in the pages that we describe a package tour. This is to provide an assurance of the location, cost, vehicle and time, as well as the team involved in it. All that is intended to provide a seriousness and professionalism in every service we offer.

If there are other things that need to be asked, then we are open to any questions. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and see you in Maluku.
iLMi Tour